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Information for Oil and Gas Professionals - pressure vessels, piping, EPCM and P&ID's

What is The Engineering Zone?

The Engineering Zone is a website that aims to provide useful information to Oil and Gas professionals. Information is presented in the form of articles with links to other relevant information sources are provided.

  • Pressure Vessels

    Commonly designed to ASME VIII Division 1 to AS1210 in Australia.

  • Piping

    Commonly designed to ASME 31.3 or AS4041 in Australia.

  • EPCM

    Click here for basic information on valves.

  • P&ID's

    A diagram that shows the arrangement of piping, fittings, valves, equipment and instrumentation in the process plant.

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About Us

This website aims to provide information useful to professionals in the Oil and Gas industry. There is a strong focus on detailed design information for pressure vessels and piping.

The author of the website, Ming Khor is a Mechanical Design Engineer with about 5+ years of experience in pressure vessel and piping engineering.